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Newsroom 24-02-2014 05:52 PM

Help the mysterious swift recover
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The swift is one of our most enigmatic birds. It’s one of the last of the UK’s summer migrants to arrive, and one of the first to leave.

Studies of swifts reveal some astonishing facts – during the course of an average day they fly an incredible 500 miles.

The only time they come to land is to nest – they do absolutely everything else – even sleep – on the wing.

Sadly, swifts are declining in numbers, and one of the reasons for this, according to the RSPB, is the destruction of their nesting sites, as old buildings are torn down, or renovated.

The Swift Conservation Society advises those who are renovating buildings to leave the nests they find intact, or, when re-roofing, create access holes to match the original ones exactly, so that the swifts will feel comfortable about returning.

Some local authorities are giving swifts a helping hand by erecting artificial nest sites for these special birds.

Given the choice, swifts prefer internal nesting sites, but external options are proving to be a viable alternative, if it’s not possible to create an internal nesting site.

Individuals can play a part by installing nest boxes under the eaves of their homes.

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