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Fund Water Projects In Africa

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Africa Fund Water Projects In Africa

Young Social enterprise, GiveMeTap, has embarked on a corporate strategy in order to bring water to the world. Starting with leading business advisory firm, Deloitte, GiveMeTap have secured a contract to provide the firm's UK staff with reusable GiveMeTap water bottles.

As part of Deloitte's Green Journey, its commitment to being a more environmentally responsible business, the firm is purchasing 12,500 GiveMeTap bottles, to reduce the millions of plastic cups that are thrown away in its offices every single year.

Earlier this year, Deloitte gave away the first 5,000 bottles to staff. A resounding success, within 90 minutes, not only was every single GiveMeTap bottle claimed, but over 2000 people pre-registered to get one of the next batch. Deloitte has reduced its plastic cup wastage by nearly 20% in the six months since the launch.

Simon Booth, Director of Environment at Deloitte, said: 'We're always looking for better ways of managing our environmental impacts and the GiveMeTap bottle is a very visible way to help us reduce waste. Add to this the wider benefits of GiveMeTap's project, and our commitment to support social business, and the relationship with GiveMeTap really makes sense for Deloitte.'

GiveMeTap have since secured partnerships with other big names such as Elstat, Rackspace UK, The Rosewood, London and PwC. These partnerships not only demonstrate an environmental commitment, but also social responsibility by supporting GiveMeTap's life-changing water projects in Africa. Each bottle purchased helps fund the provision of flowing, clean drinking water that in turn, improves the safety and security of women and children in remote villages.

GiveMeTap's Founder, Edwin Broni-Mensah, has just returned from the latest water project in rural Ghana thanks to the on-going partnership with Deloitte. The project is set to help another 700 people get direct access to clean drinking water.

Edwin said: "Our message is simple - live sustainably - stay hydrated, reduce waste and save money. It is fantastic that corporate firms share these values and are helping so many people to improve their quality of life through the GiveMeTap scheme. Their belief in me, has allowed GiveMeTap to flourish and expand our team and impact to Ghana, my ancestral homeland. This is a remarkable example of how a social enterprise joining forces with a corporate can encourage sustainable and healthy living."

GiveMeTap have had a phenomenal year, winning both the Virgin Money & Be The Start Sustainable Business Awards as well as the British Young Business Award for Sustainable business.

An estimated 200 billion bottles of water are consumed annually worldwide, which if lined up together would stretch to the moon and back 56 times. Of the 13 billion plastic bottles consumed annually in the UK, only 10% are recycled with the rest going to landfills. Plastic bottles and cups become waste only a short time after use.
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