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MoRun set for Phoenix Park

dublin morun

MoRunning comes to Dublin on the 15th November 2014, when you get the opportunity to be participate in MoRun in Phoenix Park, Dublin. With the inaugural event attracting around 600 runners, the event has continued to grow at a rapid rate, with some 2500 to 3000 participants expected for this fun November event. Phoenix Park […]

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Athlone 3Quarter Marathon prepares

athlone 3/4 marathon

The Athlone 3/4 Marathon prepares for the 5th running through picturesque setting of County Westmeath on the 5th October 2014. Starting in the village of Glasson, the 30km event serves as perfect preparation for the Dublin Marathon. Over the years, Ireland’s top athletes have utilised this opportunity and have enjoyed the event to the fullest to [...]

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Dublin Marathon set for October 27th

dublin marathon

Dublin Marathon – Monday October 27, 2014 is a public holiday in Ireland and Dublin, once again, will play host to one of the great European city marathons. This will be the 35th year of this great event which is run through the capital’s historic Georgian streets and its magnificent Phoenix Park. Thousands of boisterous [...]

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Dingle prepares for 2014 run

dingle marathon

The Dingle Marathon prepares for the 6th running of this delightful event in County Kerry, on the West coast of Ireland, set for the 6th September 2014. In 2009, race organiser Ken Dunne, set his mind on running the inaugural event on the scenic coastal route of Dingle. What a success this proved to be [...]

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Fashionable start to Galway Races

Getting this year’s Galway Races off to a fashionable start will be the ‘Most Appropriately Dressed Lady Competition’ which takes place at Ballybrit on the first day of the event, Monday 28th July. Sponsored by award-winning Irish milliner, Suzie Mahony, the lucky winner will walk away with a stunning hat by Suzie whose designs have… [Continue Reading]

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St. Anne’ National School 10k

St. Anne’ National School 10k Fund Raiser took place on Sunday March 23rd, 2014. This was the brain child of one of the teachers to raise funds for the school, which saw me line up with around 200 other local people. Registration began at 11h00 so I took the short stroll from my house to [...]

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Rugby Stars in Suicide Prevention

Ireland’s top rugby stars are being trained in how to prevent suicide and look out for their colleagues in a unique partnership with the national suicide charity, Console. The Irish Rugby Union Players Association (IRUPA) have joined forces with national suicide prevention and bereavement charity Console to provide the training to players and coaching staff [...]

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Shower Water and Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is often discussed in length without truly making an impact on the normal day to day person. We live in a world where waste plays a major role without us realising it. Currently we live on an island where water is scarce and in fulfilling our role in what sustainable living means on [...]
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How Gut Bacteria Regulates Weight Gain

gut control

Researchers at the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre in University College Cork have discovered how gut bacteria communicate with their host to specifically regulate weight gain and serum cholesterol levels.

Cork Researchers Further Understanding of How Gut Bacteria Regulate Weight Gain

The research, funded by Science Foundation Ireland, has implications for the rational selection and design of probiotics for the control of obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes.  The findings are published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA.

The team led by Dr. Cormac Gahan and Dr. Susan Joyce has analysed a bacterial protein that modifies bile acids (a major component of bile secretions) in the gut. This protein, bile salt hydrolase, is commonly made by gut bacteria and functions to change the chemical properties of bile acids in the gut. The research team has shown that specifically increasing levels of this protein reduces serum cholesterol levels and weight gain in mice. The group are currently exploring the relevance of these findings to humans.

“Recent work by other groups has shown that bile acids act as signalling molecules in the host, almost like a hormonal network, with an ability to influence host metabolism. What we have done is to show that a specific mechanism exists by which bacteria in the gut can influence this process with significant consequences for the host,”  commented  Dr Gahan.

Dr Joyce added “the findings may be used as a basis for the future selection of probiotics or dietary interventions which target this mechanism to regulate weight gain or high cholesterol.  We now have the potential for matching probiotic strains with specific end-user needs. Work is underway to determine how this system operates in humans.”

The research is published in the leading international journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA     Joyce, S.A.,  McSharry, J.,  Casey, P.G.,  Kinsella, M.,  Murphy, E.F., Shanahan, F., Hill, C. and Gahan, C.G.M. (2014)  “Regulation of host weight gain and lipid metabolism by bacterial bile acid modification in the gut”

The Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre  is a Science Foundation Ireland-funded national research centre in food and medicine.  The APC spans across University College Cork, Teagasc (Ireland’s Agriculture & Food Development

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Aramark Environmental Services Wins

ARAMARK Environmental Services, the environmental and energy management division of ARAMARK, has been awarded the contract to provide energy upgrade works to nine local councils in the East Border region of Ireland. An investment of €450,000 for the energy upgrade works by the County Councils is being funded by the INTERREG IVA programme for Northern [...]
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