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Europe’s Bureaucrats Go Nuts

European Bureaucracy

New European rules that have just come into operation require providers of a range of investment and insurance-based products to provide information so retail investors can understand and compare their key features, risks, rewards and costs. [Read more…]

Europe is once again sliding into crisis

greece - grexit

Europe: “Grexit” – the risk that Greece will exit from the Eurozone and trigger a break-up of the single-currency club – has reappeared on the radar of global markets. Further east, Russia is escalating the conflict with Europe over the Ukraine – which is going to get worse. And across the continent, the political dominance of old elites is coming to an end with the rise of radical new parties. [Read more…]

Dollar slips under Europe pressure

London Stock Exchange

Europe and Asia dragged world equity markets lower on Monday as concerns about slower growth in China prompted investors to cut their risks. [Read more…]

Natural Gas Boom in Europe


“A new golden age is just arriving” for independent suppliers to Europe such as the Norwegian giant Statoil, Deutsche Bank argues in a new report. [Read more…]

Bank Crisis of Cyprus

Bank of Cyprus

Bank of Cyprus

Cypriot ministers were trying to revise a plan to seize money from bank deposits before a parliamentary vote on Tuesday that will secure the island’s financial rescue or could lead to its default, with reverberations across the euro zone. [Read more…]

The Future Of The Auto Industry In Europe


European Auto Industry

European Auto Industry

Vehicle makers urge EU to act upon CARS21 recommendations on strengthening the future of the auto industry in Europe

The European automobile manufacturers welcome the main recommendations of the final report adopted, today, by the CARS21 High-level Group but warn that these proposals now need to be executed urgently. The report, produced by a coalition of EU Commissioners, various ministers, automobile industry CEOs, suppliers, trade unions and civil society, lists ways and means of strengthening the future of the automobile industry in Europe. [Read more…]

Irish Start-Ups Match Up with Europe

This week, Ireland joins other E.U. countries, such as Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium by offering an Enterprise Exchange Programme for new entrepreneurs.   Funded by the E.U. Commission, the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme enables ‘new’ entrepreneurs in Ireland, who are in the early stages of business development, to be matched with experienced […]

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