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Finnish Supercell founders display a social conscience

Finland – In a world were capitalism is often shown as dirty, due to the immense greed and tax dodging practises of the owners of large corporations, it is refreshing to come across those who are wealthy and have a social conscience.

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Extreme Run Oulussa 2014

extreme run oulu

Extremerun juostaan jälleen Oulussa! 2.8. Oulussa Nallikarin uimarannalla ja sen ympäristössä käydään hauska hupimielinen juoksutapahtuma joka tarjoaa mukavan elämyksen ihan jokaiselle osallistujalle. Myös enemmän juoksukilpailuissa käyvät saavat mukavaa vaihtelua perinteisiin hölkkätapahtumien rinnalle. Mukaan voi ilmoittautua juuri siinä kunnossa kuin on. Reitti on kolme kertaa viisi kilometriä ja jokainen voi itse valita kuinka monta kierrosta juoksee. […]

Extreme Run Oulussa 2014 is a post from: Time-to-Run Suomi

Time-to-Run Suomi

Irish Happenings in Finland

good vibrations

Plenty of Irish Happenings in Finland during the month of April with Helsinki Harps GAA training starting up to Weekly Irish Dancing taking place. A part of Ireland in Suomi. [Read more…]

Microsoft to acquire Nokia business services

Nokia - Microsoft

Nokia – Microsoft

REDMOND, Washington and ESPOO, Finland – Microsoft Corporation and Nokia Corporation today announced that the Boards of Directors for both companies have decided to enter into a transaction whereby Microsoft will purchase substantially all of Nokia’s Devices & Services business, license Nokia’s patents, and license and use Nokia’s mapping services. [Read more…]

Irish involvement in Finland

Taste of Helsinki

Taste of Helsinki

13th June-16th June -Kansalaistorin puisto, Helsinki. Tickets:

Taste of Helsinki is the largest gourmet food and wine festival in Finland. It is run by Irish man Barry Mc Namara. [Read more…]

Anuna coming to Finland

Ireland's National Choir, Anuna

Ireland’s national choir, Anúna, is coming to Finland this March for one night only. This internationally renowned a cappella choir is performing at the unique and beautiful Temppeliaukion kirkko on Friday 15 March. Tickets go on sale on Monday 4 February through the Lippupalvelu ticket service. [Read more…]

Fiskars Scissors Celebrate 45th Anniversary

Fiskars Orange Scissors

Fiskars Orange Scissors

It’s likely that scissors were first used around 1500 BC in ancient Egypt with a middle age makeover by Leonardo Da Vinci. However, it was in 1967 that the clever team at Fiskars invented the world’s first plastic handled scissors. Fiskars orange-handled scissors have since become a design classic and 45 years later, over 1 billion pairs have been sold worldwide. [Read more…]

UPM develops new composite

UPM develops new composite replacing non-renewable

UPM develops new composite replacing non-renewable

Based on UPM’s own research and business development, company has launched a brand new composite material where wood fibers replace non-renewable raw material. Thanks to the renewable raw material, product have low carbon footprint. [Read more…]

Weather comparison Finland to World

The effects of weather on Finland

The effects of weather on Finland

The effects of weather on Finland compared to the rest of the World [Read more…]