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Finnish Supercell founders display a social conscience

Finland – In a world were capitalism is often shown as dirty, due to the immense greed and tax dodging practises of the owners of large corporations, it is refreshing to come across those who are wealthy and have a social conscience.

Welcome to Supercell Games co founders from Finland

A little current data about Supercell Games
Number of employees‎: ‎283 (2018)
Key people‎: ‎Ilkka Paananen (‎CEO‎)
Revenue‎: ‎€1.6 billion (2018)
Headquarters‎: ‎Helsinki, Finland
In 2010, Supercell was founded by Ilkka Paananen along with other co founders Mikko Kodisoja, Niko Derome, Petri Styrman, Lassi Leppinen and Visa Forstén, they had all previously known each other through work connections.
Capitalism with a social conscience

The co-founders of Supercell Games are from Finland. Ilkka Paananen has stated that they are Finnish and are proud of their country.

In 2013, Ilkka Paananen announced  “We believe that it is now our time to give back to the society. We’re actually quite happy to pay taxes to Finland”

With the company growing steadily it was in June 2016, that the co founders value in Supercell was realised when Halti S.A., a Luxembourg-based consortium, acquired 81.4% of Supercell for $8.6 billion.
The co founders of Supercell over the years have made “taxation friendly” public statements, and it is rumoured they prefer to pay a personal tax because they have their country’s best interest at heart.
Paananen is a man who considers himself to be the least powerful CEO in the world, and has spoken of the meaning of people,  the culture and focus of a successful business.
“We have always prioritized people over money and sharing over greed”
Unlike politicians they have backed up their statements and over the years their contribution to the Finnish tax system has been the highest of the country’s citizens.
Supercell once again, the biggest taxpayers in Finland
Both Paananen and Kodisoja paid more than 75 million euros in taxes and other fees in Finland in 2018
In 2016, the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat calculated that the tax revenue from Supercell and Kahon3 could cover the cost of all police services in Finland the next year.
Capitalism with a social conscience can be a win win scenario for all.

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