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More than an apple a day

An apple a day. When children get the opportunity to pi […]

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Vulpicide at Sorbus Galleria

JANE HUGHES (IRL) & TARU KALLIO (FI) Opening Tuesday 18th of June at 6pm Exhibition runs 19th of June until 7th of July 2013 VULPICIDE /CITYCIDE is an exploration of wilderness, delusion and delirium in the city environment through drawing and installation. Large scale drawings encircle the spectator, confronted with harsh lines and raw emotions,… Read More

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Beauty of the Garden

The Beauty of the Garden can be seen by who and how they enjoy it. Be it the tranquillity or the colours of the flowers, the ambience adds to a place of harmony to be enjoyed by all, no matter their age and status.  Ivan G.E Lyod Author: Gavin Doyle Beauty of the Garden is […]

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Motlanthe to visit Germany, Finland

Pretoria – Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe is to undertake working visits to Germany and Finland next week to advance political relations with the two countries. Motlanthe will be in Germany from 8 to 9 May where he will attend the 7th South Africa-Germany Bi-National Commission (BNC). He will be accompanied by Cabinet ministers and senior […]

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Finland is a model for Ireland

The Minister for Research and Innovation, Mr. Sean Sherlock TD, today (Thursday) concluded a two day visit to Helsinki, Finland where he met with a range of Finnish research and education policy makers, funding agencies and innovators. Minister Sherlock said the visit gave him the opportunity to gain a valuable insight into Finland’s research, innovation […]

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Biodegradable Toilet Roll Finland

Biodegradable Toilet Roll Holders in Finland Even the toilet rolls are given consideration in Finland’s drive towards a sustainable environment. Flush & Go is the trademark Biodegradable Toilet Roll Finland is a post from: EconSpire

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Autumn in Finland

Summer in Lapland ends with a spectacular explosion of colour in the nature. This season is known as “ruska”. The autumn reds, browns and yellows are especially beautiful on the Northern fells. The woods are filled with wild berries and mushrooms, such as yellow chanterelles and porcini. Enjoy the clean air is Europe’s last unspoiled […]

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Linnanmäki offers something for everyone. If you do not have the stomach for the rides you can still spend a wonderful day in Finland’s oldest amusement park by taking in the magical spirit of the merry making – funfair music, cries of excitement and perhaps of horror, smell of popcorn and candyfloss – and taking […]

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