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Weather comparison Finland to World

The effects of weather on Finland

The effects of weather on Finland

The effects of weather on Finland compared to the rest of the World

Weather effects in Finland and rest of the World:
+15c, Spanish wear caps, gloves and winter coats, Finns are sunbathing.
+10c, French desperately try to get their central heating on. Finns plant flowers.
+5c Italian cars won’t start. Finns drive with convertibles.
… 0c, Pure water freezes. Water in river Vantaa thickens a bit.
… … … -5c, First people are found frozen in California. Finnish midsummer festival ends.
-10c, Scottish turn the heat on in their houses. Finns start to use long-sleeve shirts.
-20c, Swedes stay indoors. Finns are having last barbeque before winter.
-30c, Half of the Greek people have frozen to death. Finns start to dry their laundry indoors.
-50c, Polar bears evacuate North Pole. Finnish army starts it’s winter training.
-70c, Siberian people are moving to Moscow. Finns are furious since the Koskenkorva booze can’t be stored outdoors anymore.
-273c, Absolute Zero. Finns admit that it is quite cold outside.
-300c, Hell freezes over. Finland wins the football World Cup.

ps.. this is not humour


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