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Consumer Protection Commission to enforce Bill

Consumer Protection

The Competition Authority and National Consumer Agency today welcomed the publication of the Competition and Consumer Protection Bill which will merge the two organisations to form the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission.  The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission will have a dual mandate to enforce both consumer protection and competition laws.

Welcoming the publication of the Bill, Isolde Goggin, Chairperson of the Competition Authority and Chair-designate of the new organisation, said:

“The creation of the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission serves the needs of consumers in Ireland by creating a new organisation with robust powers in the enforcement of both competition and consumer law.  Anti-competitive practices are damaging to both consumers and the wider economy. The ultimate aim of the new body will be to ensure open and competitive markets where consumers are protected and empowered and businesses actively compete.”

Karen O’Leary, Chief Executive of the National Consumer Agency and member-designate of the new organisation said:

“The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission will have a full 360 degree perspective on consumer markets in Ireland, allowing us to further strengthen the environment for consumers.  The combined expertise and experience of the staff from both organisations will make for a very ambitious and effective organisation. ”

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