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Event Management Student Awarded

Kay O'Mahony

Kay O’Mahony from Monkstown, Cork has been awarded the Irish Academy of Public Relations’ Event Management Student of the Year 2014.  Kay achieved the highest mark in the country after completing the course at UCC. [Read more…]

Higher education in Ireland

Higher education in Ireland is competing very well internationally and graduate employment has bounced back to pre-crisis levels, shown in a major review published this week. This is against a difficult economic background and comes at a time of rapidly increasing student numbers. The first ever Higher Education System Performance Report confirms that the institutions […]

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Additional Fulbright Awards Available

Colleen Dube, Executive Director of The Fulbright Commission and Dr. Attracta Halpin, Registrar of the National University of Ireland signed a memorandum of understanding to enable PhD candidates from a NUI Constituent University or other NUI member Institution to travel to the United States on a Fulbright Award to complete postgraduate research or study in […]

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Teachers Risk Removal from Register

1,071 teachers face being removed from the Register of Teachers by the Teaching Council because they have failed to renew their registration. Teachers are required to renew their Teaching Council registration each year. 42,900 teachers were due to renew their registration by 28 March of this year. Of those due to renew in March 1,071 […]

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US Study Options at Top Irish Universities

University students interested in studying abroad in Europe now have new program options at top-ranking universities in Northern Ireland and Ireland through International Studies Abroad. Beginning in spring 2012, International Studies Abroad (ISA), one of the leading study abroad program providers in the United States, will offer programs at Queen’s University Belfast and the National […]

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Irish Education Show Improvements

Ireland’s results in the latest OECD PISA Report show encouraging signs of improvements within the education system, according to the American Chamber of Commerce Ireland. A spokesperson for the American Chamber stated “This is a key international benchmark on the output of national education systems and the fact that Ireland has improved across its three […]

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Shackleton Lounge Opened by Innovation Academy

UCD Innovation

The Shackleton Lounge a new purpose-built innovation space was opened by the Innovation Academy, UCD on Friday.    Located in the O’Brien Centre for Science at the heart of the Belfield campus, the new innovation space will act as a catalyst for innovation and will be the home of students of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise at the Innovation Academy. [Read more…]

Global Game Jam 2013

Global Game Jam 2013

Global Game Jam 2013

The computing faculty at Griffith College Dublin will host their third annual Games Jam on campus from Friday, 25th January to Sunday, 27th January. The event is part of the world-wide Global Games Jam, which sees over 10,000 people participate, and tasks computer game experts to create and build a game in 48-hours. [Read more…]