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Event Management Student Awarded

Kay O'Mahony

Kay O’Mahony from Monkstown, Cork has been awarded the Irish Academy of Public Relations’ Event Management Student of the Year 2014.  Kay achieved the highest mark in the country after completing the course at UCC.

Kay O’Mahony is already an accomplished Event Manager. She has extensive experience in event organisation including the Diplomat Dinner, Women in Business Awards, Hi Style Awards, Hi Wedding Awards and Wedding Showcase Events.

After the award ceremony Kay O’Mahony commented, “Despite my hands on industry experience, I studied this fantastic course. I felt it would give me a proper professional qualification with international recognition to further boost my career prospects. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I interacted with some very interesting people, formed new friendships and I am sure I will benefit from the different characters with very diverse skill sets in the group. The course filled any gaps in my knowledge, cleared up any grey areas. I learned a lot and had great fun to boot!”

“This is the first time that the student of the year award has gone to Cork” said Ellen Gunning, Director of the Irish Academy of Public Relations. “Kay was an outstanding student with a thirst for knowledge and a great willingness to share her experiences with others. I am delighted for her,” she added.

The Academy has a long association with University College Cork, their courses have been taught there since the 1990s. The Academy’s partner Schools and College Programme has enabled students throughout Ireland to access high quality, certified public relations and media courses in their own locality. Students have gone on to establish careers as event managers, PR consultants and journalists. Others have lent their skills and expertise to local charities and community groups.

The Academy’s next Diploma in Event Management course will be taught at UCC this October. Details from the Irish Academy of Public Relations.

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