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Condolences to Spain after train crash

Spain Train Crash

Spain Train Crash

Pretoria – President Jacob Zuma has expressed condolences to the government and people of Spain after a train accident that killed 80 people and left more than 140 injured.

“We reach out to the people of the Kingdom of Spain during this difficult time of sadness and loss.

“The thoughts of the people of South Africa are with the families and friends of the victims of this tragic accident. We wish those injured in the accident a speedy recovery,” said President Zuma in a statement.

The train, which was travelling from Madrid to Ferrol, derailed on a bend shortly after coming out of a tunnel.

There were 218 passengers plus crew aboard the train, which was especially full because Thursday is the holiday of St John in Santiago, the patron saint of the region of Galicia, and the start of a four-day weekend in the region.

ADIF, the company which administers the infrastructure of Spain’s railways, said the train had undergone a safety check on Wednesday, shortly before setting out on its trip.

The train’s black box is now in the possession of a judge, while ADIF has opened an investigation into the causes of the accident on a piece of track which it has been confirmed was equipped with the ASFA security system, which is used in all of Spain and Europe.

Early indications are that it could be the result of human error, while media and some survivors have said the train appeared to be travelling at an excessively high speed on a curve with a speed limit of just 80km/h. –

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