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Qatar Workers FIFA Own Goal

Workers - Qatar

Amnesty International’s devastating report, “The Dark Side of Migration”, released today, confirms what the global union movement has been saying about the serious levels of migrant construction worker abuse in Qatar.

Philip Jennings, UNI Global Union’s General Secretary said, “These are appalling findings by Amnesty International and they confirm what we already knew. FIFA as well as the Qatar government should take immediate measures to end the abuse.

“FIFA cannot stand on the touchline. It must come out and say it will not tolerate worker abuse related to the World Cup. A football tournament should not cost a single life. These immigrant workers, many from Nepal, find themselves in a desperate situation. These are vulnerable people that need immediate help. It is time for FIFA to show leadership.

UNI Global Union and its 20 million members works closely with FifPro, the world professional footballers’ association, and we join with them in demanding the Qatar authorities and FIFA play safe with workers’ lives.”

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