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Archives for February 2014

Humanitarian aid cooperation

aid cooperation

Damascus – Syria’s government says it will cooperate with the UN on providing humanitarian aid to all afflicted groups in the country “without discrimination”. [Read more…]

Cover-up overruled by Congress

The United States Congress has acted to prevent its aid to Ethiopia being used to fund forced evictions of tribal peoples in the south west of the country. The provisions in the Omnibus Appropriations Bill for 2014 represent a slap in the face for USAID, which last month said that ‘there are no reports of […]

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Love spending policy changes

Love may be in the air this month but partners will unlikely be on the receiving end as new Lloyds Bank research reveals that people in relationships are more likely to spend on their hobbies than their loved ones.  Change of spending policy – Only 45% of those in relationships are willing to spend on […]

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High-Risk Products

Banks Love to Sell These High-Risk Products By Michael Zuber A longstanding reader of On Target recently received an investment promotion from the private client wealth management branch of one of the world’s largest, best-known and most prestigious banks. It offered a mouth-watering annual yield of 18 per cent. Too good to be true? He […]

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Sport Industry Awards 2014 Shortlist

The Sport Industry Group is delighted to announce the Official Shortlist for the BT Sport Industry Awards 2014, with the winners to be announced at the star-studded BT Sport Industry Awards ceremony in London on Thursday 8th May. 15 sports are represented on the shortlist by a host of brands, teams, agencies and organisations collectively […]

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Media Partner Of The Sports Technology Awards

The Daily Telegraph has become the Official Consumer Media Partner of The Sports Technology Awards.  The Awards, which were launched in October 2013, have been established to recognize and celebrate all aspects of technology in sport, including mechanics, electronics, telephony, nutrition, software, hardware and apparel. Rebecca Hopkins, Director of The Sports Technology Awards, explained: ‘Sport […]

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Carl Icahn invests in Apple

Activist investor Carl Icahn picked up another $ 500 million of Apple Inc shares on Thursday to take his investment in the iPhone maker to $ 3.6 billion, while ratcheting up his months-long campaign to pry open the company’s cash hoard. Icahn, who repeatedly has called Apple a “no brainer” even as he wages a campaign to […]

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Lincoln for Presidential Library

Key sets, costumes and props from the award-winning movie “Lincoln” are coming to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, where they will be on display for many years to come. Children can explore the exhibit free of charge when accompanied by an adult. The exhibit, “Lincoln: From History to Hollywood,” will present Lincoln’s office, […]

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Puma And Arsenal Partnership

PUMA and Arsenal Football Club have today announced a long-term partnership. Effective 1st July 2014, PUMA will become the official kit partner of Arsenal. In addition to producing the playing and training kit for all Arsenal teams, PUMA has acquired wide-ranging licensing rights to develop other Arsenal branded merchandise on a global basis. This new […]

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China to wage war against poverty

Xi’an – China will wage a war against poverty with a stronger resolve and prevent it from afflicting future generations, Premier Li Keqiang has said. High economic growth since China adopted reforms and opened up more than 30 years ago has helped lift almost half the nation’s population out of poverty. This is due to […]

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