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Archives for October 2014

Bond Yields Fall to a 500-Year Low

Jeffrey Gundlach, the American fund manager who correctly forecast the surge in bond prices this year, contrary to the overwhelming majority of the experts who got it wrong, remains fundamentally pessimistic about economic growth in the US. He predicts that quantitative easing, the easy-money policy that the Fed is now running down, could well be […]
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Planning Your Portfolio

Planning Your Portfolio – All successful investors use heuristics to shape their strategic decisions, but it’s wrong to assume they are always correct. Wikipedia defines heuristics as “experienced-based techniques for problem solving.” However, it rightly warns that the solution they provide “is not guaranteed to be optimal,” merely “good enough for a given set of […]

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Job opportunities to be created

Keiskamashoek – President Jacob Zuma today announced that more than six million job opportunities will be created over the next five years through the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP). President Zuma launched the third phase of the EPWP in Keiskamashoek, just outside King William’s Town in the Eastern Cape. He said great emphasis will be […]

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Event Management Student Awarded

Kay O’Mahony from Monkstown, Cork has been awarded the Irish Academy of Public Relations’ Event Management Student of the Year 2014.  Kay achieved the highest mark in the country after completing the course at UCC. Kay O’Mahony is already an accomplished Event Manager. She has extensive experience in event organisation including the Diplomat Dinner, Women […]

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