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US policy failure

Although lending to businesses is reaching record levels in the US, that should not be taken as evidence of strength in economic recovery, bankers are now warning privately … [Read more...]

Share and Bond Markets

Earnings – the lack of them – remain the biggest threat to American equities, whose recent strong growth has been driven by optimism and buy-backs rather than underlying profits, while the latter have come from … [Read more...]

Promising Themes to Invest In

Equity investors should ignore the “incessant din” of current news and focus on long-term secular trends, advises Morgan Stanley Wealth Management strategist Dan Skelly. Themes to Invest In Such trends “typically entail … [Read more...]

Strong Euro, Weak Dollar

One of the more difficult decisions facing investors is what is going to happen to the euro. Not only for those of us who don’t regard it as our base currency. After all, the euro is the world’s most important currency … [Read more...]

Attacking Tax Havens

US President Barack Obama has indulged in another of the politicians’ crusades against foreign tax havens, which always conveniently ignore the smelly stuff on the politicians’ own doorsteps. … [Read more...]

Under Armour extend Speedskating sponsorship

Under Armour, the global leader in sports performance and innovation, and US Speedskating today announced an eight-year extension of their initial partnership, which had been set to expire this year.  As part of the … [Read more...]

Keys to Improving Your Investment Profits

Crowd Money: A Practical Guide to Macro Behavioural Technical Analysis* is, in my opinion, the best new book on investing to be written for many years. It’s by Eoin Treacy, who partners the famous London-based technical … [Read more...]

Living standards on decline

The typical American family now earns less in real terms than it did way back in 1989, according to the Census Bureau. … [Read more...]

Just a matter of time

  There are reasons why major nations haven’t done this yet. But the probability is that they will be driven into doing so in time, as global economic growth remains sluggish, governments fail to implement the … [Read more...]

US Opts for Deja Vu

The federal government plans to make it easier for lower-income Americans to borrow money to buy homes – which was the foundation of the disastrous sub-prime crisis. … [Read more...]