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Teens Say Online Learning Is Worse

SAN FRANCISCO – A new poll released by Common Sense/SurveyMonkey shows that teens are taking the coronavirus more seriously than some may think. Despite 59% of teens surveyed saying that online learning is worse … [Read more...]

Michigan State University Foundation Wins Tibbetts Award

EAST LANSING, Michigan -  The Michigan State University Foundation announced today that it is one of the recipients of the Tibbetts Awards given by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). A non-profit organization, … [Read more...]

New Provost for St. Thomas University

St. Thomas University President Monsignor Franklyn M. Casale has announced a major institutional appointment that will continue to strengthen the University’s academic leadership position ( A visionary … [Read more...]

Additional Fulbright Awards Available

Colleen Dube, Executive Director of The Fulbright Commission and Dr. Attracta Halpin, Registrar of the National University of Ireland signed a memorandum of understanding to enable PhD candidates from a NUI Constituent … [Read more...]

Launch of Nationwide Preschool Campaign

"Preschool Nation," a national communications advocacy platform that showcases the societal benefits of quality early childhood education for young children, families, communities and businesses across America, will … [Read more...]

Students Build a Winner

Lincoln Educational Services Corporation, a national leader in specialized technical training and a driving force in helping students turn their passion into professional success, is proud to announce a truck built by … [Read more...]

Microsoft announces Chip In

Today, Microsoft Corp. announced Chip In, a new seasonal buying program to help students get the Windows PC or tablet they need for school. With Chip In, students crowdsource contributions from friends and family toward … [Read more...]

Space shuttle Enterprise docks

The space shuttle Enterprise - named after the spaceship in Star Trek - achieved lift-off on Wednesday when it was hoisted by a crane onto a floating museum in New York's Hudson River. … [Read more...]

Teachers in Space

Space Center Houston – The United States Rocket Academy made a surprise announcement at the Space Exploration Educators Conference, which began here today. “Teachers in Space is now Citizens in Space,” said Edward … [Read more...]