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Denmark – A European Success Story


Denmark – While Greece has been the focus of attention for months as its difficult relationship with creditors switched abruptly from resentful compliance to adolescent rebellion, and finally to surrendered acceptance as the status of a “German protectorate,” as one anonymous Eurozone official described it. [Read more…]

Akeem Foldager by Andreas Helgstrand

andreas helgstrand

Lest not forget the abused horse, Akeem Foldager, but here is the man who inflicts pain for his own glory, Andreas Helgstrand [Read more…]

Copenhagen International Sand Sculpture Festival 2012

Copenhagen Sand Sculpture Festival 2012

Copenhagen Sand Sculpture Festival 2012


The Copenhagen International Sand Sculpture Festival 2012 is one of the largest and most spectacular sand sculpture events taking place in Europe. The sculptures are created by some of the world’s most talented sand artists, including sand art maestro Sudarsan Pattnaik from India. They have created 21 sand sculptures and an almost 200m long frieze [Read more…]

Social Safety

Living in Denmark

Living in Denmark

Despite tough talk by Ms. Thorning-Schmidt and her predecessor about the need to get Denmark’s financial house in order, the country’s welfare and benefits systems remain among the world’s most generous. Government spending accounts for about half of gross domestic product and few Danes complain about a top income tax rate of about 50 percent that finances unemployment, pensions, health care and other benefits. The constitution even guarantees Danes the right to work and to receive public assistance if they stumble. [Read more…]

Denmark in the EU

Copenhagen - Denmark

Copenhagen - Denmark

For years, Denmark was held out as a model to countries with high unemployment and as a progressive touchstone to liberals in the United States. The Danes, despite their lavish social welfare state, managed to keep joblessness remarkably low. [Read more…]