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Victoria Pomery awarded OBE

It was announced this morning that Victoria Pomery, Director of Turner Contemporary has been awarded an OBE for services to the arts. The award recognises her outstanding contribution over the past 10 years to Turner Contemporary and the wider arts in East Kent. Since 2002, Victoria has overseen the extraordinary development of Turner Contemporary culminating… Read More

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UK Challenge Titles Awarded

The McCain UK Cross Challenge Series came to an exciting finale at Cofton Park, Birmingham on Saturday 10 March. With £13,000 of prizes on offer, the McCain UK Cross Challenge guaranteed some fantastic racing opportunities as most athletes – with the exception of those competing in the forthcoming Schools’ Championships – concluded their cross country […]

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Copenhagen awarded 2014 IAAF World Half Champs

Copenhagen was chosen ahead of the Russian city of Cheboksary. The date of the event is still to be confirmed. “This is wonderful. We love to host events like this and hosting the half marathon is a great honour and we look forward to bringing all the professional athletes to Copenhagen but also brining all […]

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