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Archives for February 2014

Contained Depression

How to Break Out of “Contained Depression” The well-known American economist Larry Summers recently caused a stir when he told an International Monetary Fund research conference that there will be no easy return to pre-crisis normality in the advanced economies. He was confirming the view advanced for some time by a minority of luminaries such […]

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Syrian refugees to UK

London – Britain must quickly accept Syrian refugees, Britain’s top refugee group said, as London said it planned to let hundreds of vulnerable Syrians into the country. “It’s encouraging to hear that the government is listening to calls for it to accept resettled refugees from Syria,” said Refugee Council Chief Executive Officer Maurice Wren, whose […]

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Mahikeng to stimulate economic growth

Mahikeng gears up to stimulate economic growth. The capital of the North West province, Mahikeng, is to strengthen its reputation as that region’s mega airport city, a move Premier Thandi Modise says will position the city as a gateway into the Southern African Development Community (SADC). Mahikeng as a city “We want to leave a […]

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