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Maritime Day Expo, Fremantle

Freemantle Maritime Day Expo 2013

Freemantle Maritime Day Expo 2013

The South Westerly wind that barrels through Perth is known as the Fremantle Doctor because it blows in fresh air and today it lived up to it’s fearsome reputation. Balloons, caps and pieces of paper were thrown into the air and out of the grasp of those unfortunates who had loosened their grip momentarily. [Read more…]

Game on in Geelong for Masters Games

Mark Beretta - Dragon Boat

Mark Beretta – Dragon Boat

Channel Seven sports presenter Mark Beretta, a 10-time Australian national waterskiing champion and avid road cyclist will swap the bike for a Dragon Boat when he lines up in the Australian Masters Games. [Read more…]

Sail Paradise 2013

Around 25 yachts took part in this weekend’s Gold Coast — Sail Paradise 2013 from the 15 — 17 March 2013 hosted by Southport Yacht Club Inc. The event incorporated the Queensland IRC State Championships and Go to Blazer Regatta The event was held in stunning conditions with the weather playing its part to provide […]

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Gold Coast Damage 2013

Damage to Australia’s Gold Coast After more than a week of rubbish weather on top of the previous storm damage some weeks ago after Oswald ..  here is the state of the coast here just now…. contributed by Martin Peirone The coastal city of the Gold Coast is  located in the South East of Queensland, […]

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