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Ireland Loves Independent Radio

Ireland’s radio listeners love independent radio stations with 2 out of every 3 minutes listening in Ireland is to an independent radio station. The latest JNLR figures confirm independent radio is winning more than 2.4 million weekly listeners or 69% of radio audiences.

“Independent radio is consistently winning and retaining a majority share of Irish radio listeners.  Our strength is the diversity of our offering which reflects the communities in which we are based and broadcast.  We are embracing new technologies to ensure that our listeners can tune in wherever they are and regardless of what they are doing and that is why the remain loyal to us”, said Scott Williams, Chairman, Independent Broadcasters of Ireland.

“Despite the choice of media outlets, the success of independent broadcasters continues to increase.  Year on year we continue to grow our audience by providing greater diversity and greater choice to Ireland’s radio listeners.  The wealth of talent in radio stations throughout the country who are making great programmes and keeping listeners tuned in is central to the commercial success of our members. Our growth has been achieved without the benefit of a license fee subvention or indeed the extensive resources which our national broadcaster enjoys”.

The economic and social contribution of the independent broadcasting sector cannot be underestimated and in particular the employment supported. 1500 people are working in independent radio broadcasting in Ireland.

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