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The National Concert Hall’s 13/14 Season

The National Concert Hall’s 2013/2014 International Concert Series continues this Spring with a range of recitalists, duos, ensembles and orchestras including the City of London Sinfonia with clarinettist and conductor Michael Collins (12 April) Chinese pianist Lang Lang in a sold-out concert (19 April), the prized Danish String Quartet (22 April), and the Orchestra of… Read More

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Derek Ryan Ireland’s answer

The Irish country legend Daniel O’Donnell has claimed that Derek Ryan is set for stardom in the UK having already gained massive success in Ireland.  O’Donnell said that Ryan’s “confidence, boyish charm, charisma and stage presence” make him “very appealing to all age groups in the same way that Michael Buble has been”. He went… Read More

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Tribfest Heads To Ireland

A Massive Tribute to The Gathering 2013 in Ireland Music fans in Mullingar, County Westmeath, have an opportunity to enjoy a new style music festival created in UK over the weekend of July 12th -14th. Tribfest is a festival that provides songs from the biggest names in the music world, but the performers on stage… Read More

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The Musician Daniel Scannell

Daniel Scannell is a Cork based Surfer/Musician. In 2004 at the age of 19 Daniel moved to Mayo where he became immersed in Ireland’s growing surf culture and was introduced to the music of Artists such as Jack Johnson, Ben Harper and Xavier Rudd. Inspired by the sounds of Mayo’s surf scene Daniel began playing… Read More

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Sunflowerfest 2011 launched


Sunflowerfest 2011

Sunflowerfest 2011

Back by popular demand, Sunflowerfest 2011, Northern Ireland’s very own answer to Woodstock and Glastonbury, will take place next month from 19th – 21st August at Tubby’s Farm in the beautiful rustic countryside just outside Hillsborough, Co. Down. [Read more…]