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Swedish Firm Takes On WRC Timing System

WRC Timing System

Stage One Technology – the WRC’s decade-long dedicated, reliable and accurate timing supplier – has concluded an agreement with Swedish firm Racetiming Sweden for the acquisition of its cutting-edge timing system.

From 2002 until 2012, British-based Stage One Technology delivered the data which kept the World Rally Championship turning and that equipment has now been taken on by Racetiming Sweden/Resultatservice (

Stage One Technology managing director Simon de Banke said: “We’re delighted to see the equipment going to such a good home. Throughout discussions with Racetiming Sweden, it was clear reliability and accuracy were of paramount importance. And it is obvious they have the technical and operational capabilities to deliver a service deserving of such a world-class system. Timing the WRC is not easy – as has been illustrated over the last year or so – which is why our system was designed and built with every conceivable fail-safe and back-up; and subsequently operated with extreme diligence. It’s great to know it will be in use again, by a like-minded team, on events in the future.”

Johan Forsman, head of Racetiming Sweden said: “Racetiming Sweden has provided advanced and reliable timing to the Swedish Championship and other Swedish rallies for ten years. It is always important to progress, and, as part of our strategy to provide a facelift to the Swedish Championship, we were delighted to be able to acquire the ex-WRC timing systems – arguably the most advanced timing system ever built for rallies. We will use our own development capability to further enhance the equipment and integrate it with our own systems.”

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