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Apple Season Kick Off

Apple Season

This Australia Day weekend marks the Apple Season Kick Off for 2014 and Pine Crest Orchard will again celebrate with their Australia Day Weekend Gala Day on Saturday, January 25 from 9am to 5pm.

Australia Day 2014 weekend

Apple bobbing, farm tips, a classic aussie sausage sizzle and of course Pick Your Own apples, pears and plums will all be highlights of the day.

Everyone is invited to make a day of it and Pick Your Own at the famous Pine Crest Orchard at 2549 Bells Line of Road, Bilpin.

Gala apples will be available for picking on Saturday. This stripy red, medium-sized apple has a crispness and sweetness that makes it one of Australia’s most popular apple varieties. Gala apples also store well in the fridge, but of course picking and eating one fresh from the tree is an experience worth savouring!

Williams and Sensation pears, nashi pears and a variety of plums will also be available for Pick Your Own.

Pine Crest Orchard has run their Australa Day Weekend Gala Day for almost 10 years.

This event gives Sydney siders and their visitors a chance to experience a fully operational fruit farm.

You can also pick-up tips on growing your own fruit from owner and orchardist John Galbraith.

“Many people have only picked an apple from a supermarket and never straight from tree,” says John Galbraith.

“It is important people understand and value where their food comes from. Visiting a farm, walking through the orchard, seeing the growing process and eating the fresh produce at the end is a rewarding and easily accessible experience everyone can have.”

John has grown apples at Pine Crest Orchard for 40 years, and also teaches and lectures in horticulture and farming – specifically farming small areas.

Pine Crest Orchard is a family owned and operated orchard. There is no entrance fee for this event or for access to the orchard. The only charge is $3.50 per kilo for the fruit picked.

Jams, local honey, walnuts, cold drinks and Bilpin apple juice will also be available from the Pine Crest Orchard farm shed.

The Low Down
Address: 2549 Bells Pine of Road, Bilpin NSW (an hour and a half west from Sydney CBD)

Gala Day: 9am – 5pm Saturday 25th January 2014. We are also open on Sunday and Monday of the long weekend.

Bring: Hat, sunscreen, camera, walking shoes and your own recycle or plastic bag is encouraged

Other pick your own opening times: Fridays, Saturday and Sundays 9am-5pm during the fruit season.

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