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Food Education Trust Helps

Helping children reach their potential is vital. A donation for £2300 from The Food Education Trust has enabled a group of pupils at Patchway…
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Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food, 15-lb bag Top Offers
Life Protection Formula Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe for Adult Dogs Our natural BLUE Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe for adult dogs is holistically formulated to support the needs of dogs in the prime of their lives IngredientNutrient and Benefits…
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iTQi Birthday Celebrations Begin

For the past 10 years, 120 leading international Chefs and Sommeliers from across Europe come together to judge and award “Superior Tasting food” from all around the world. The expert  international Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi), Jury, provide professional opinions and sensory analysis that help producers both large and small grow their markets nationally and […]

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Celebrate The Taste of Greece

With the blessing of the Government of the Hellenic Republic, Xanthi has undertaken a mission to promote the prosperity of greek culture through food during this time of uncertainty in Greece. It’s goal is to bust the doom and gloom and promote all that is wonderful and loving of the spirit of food and wine […]

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Refurbishment for Porters English Restaurant

Established in 1979, Porters English Restaurant showcases some of the finest English cuisine as well as serving up some of the country’s most…
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ZiwiPeak Daily Cuisine Dog Food Venison & Fish 2.2 lbs Top Deals
The premium quality ranch-raised venison in ZiwiPeak ‘Treats’ and ‘Cuisine’ has plenty of connective tissue incorporated to provide regular digestible levels of both Chondroitin and Glucosamine that nutritionally supports long-term joint health.

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World Pistachio Day – 26 February

Going nuts for World Pistachio Day on February 26th? Let’s celebrate the day and reflect on the amazing history and modern day health benefits of this wonderful nut. Did you know the word pistachio comes from a mix of Persian and Latin? Originating in western Asia, pistachios are one of the oldest flowering nut trees […]

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Pancake Day Perfection

Shrove Tuesday is almost upon us and this year it’s time to get creative with your crêpes! Why not try filling your pancakes with fresh strawberries or raspberries, a little clotted cream and drizzle with Bonne Maman’s delicious Confiture de Caramel – a tasty alternative to chocolate spreads or lemon and sugar and a sure […]

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Australia Compete in Pastry World Cup

On the 28th January, Australia sent a team of chefs to France to compete in the Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie, or Pastry World Cup – the holy grail of all Patisserie Chefs. The Australian team, headed by Le Cordon Bleu Chef André Sandison, has been preparing for this event for over two years, […]

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Mike scoops second at Fish Craft Champs

Veteran Cardiff fishmonger, Mike Crates, 54, who works at Ashton’s in Cardiff, came runner up in the British Fish Craft Championships held in Cardiff…
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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Healthy Holistic Chicken Dry Dog Food 4.5-lb bag Price Comparison
The wild is your dogÆs finest source for nutrition. Blue Buffalo knows this and serves your dog’s natural taste with the special line of Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Healthy Holistic Dry Dog Food. Developed by animal nutrition experts, the savory ch
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Loch Ness Lodge launch whisky and spa experience

Whisky is the best known of Scottish exports so, due to popular demand, Loch Ness Lodge has created a Whisky Tasting & Spa Package for guests who are…
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Head Chef Wins Pasta World Championship

Tempo Restaurant & Bar’s Head Chef Yoshi Yamada is the winner of the first Pasta World Championship, held at the Academia Barilla in Parma. As the…
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