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Celebrate The Taste of Greece

With the blessing of the Government of the Hellenic Republic, Xanthi has undertaken a mission to promote the prosperity of greek culture through food during this time of uncertainty in Greece. It’s goal is to bust the doom and gloom and promote all that is wonderful and loving of the spirit of food and wine […]

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Outfoxing the Greeks

Outfoxing the Greeks

Eurozone and Greece

Eurozone and Greece

There are times when it pays to be hard-assed, get good legal advice – and never trust any government’s promises.

When Eurozone governments restructured Greece’s government debt a few months ago, they tried to force all private-sector investors to accept a big “haircut,” or loss of interest and capital, by exchanging their original bonds for new paper worth much less. [Read more…]

Chondrokoukis has high Helsinki hopes

Dimitrios Chondrokoukis

Dimitrios Chondrokoukis

Greek high jumper Dimítrios Chondrokoúkis has been dreaming about this summer’s European Athletics Championships for several years.

“A few years ago, I was at a small meeting elsewhere in Finland and we went to look at the Olympic stadium where this summer’s Europeans will be held. I just sat there and took in the surrounds and thought how beautiful it was and knew that I wanted to compete there one day,” explained the 24-year-old who won at the World Indoor Championships last month. [Read more…]

Greece faces EU deadline

Greece’s coalition parties must tell the European Union on Monday whether they accept the painful terms of a new bailout deal to avoid a messy default that could threaten the country’s future in the euro zone. Political leaders must agree on unresolved problems – including labor market change and shoring up domestic banks – to […]

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