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Europe is once again sliding into crisis

greece - grexit

Europe: “Grexit” – the risk that Greece will exit from the Eurozone and trigger a break-up of the single-currency club – has reappeared on the radar of global markets. Further east, Russia is escalating the conflict with Europe over the Ukraine – which is going to get worse. And across the continent, the political dominance of old elites is coming to an end with the rise of radical new parties. [Read more…]

Opportunities in This Developing Crisis

We are five years into a severe global food crisis that is very unlikely to go away, says the well-known US fund manager Jeremy Grantham of GMO. This developing problem is badly underestimated by almost everybody, he argues. It will threaten poor countries with increased malnutrition, starvation, even collapse. Resource squabbles and waves of food-induced […]

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Tackling the crisis head-on

Estonia, across the Baltic, with close linguistic, historical and economic ties with Finland and Sweden, is a nation of just 1.3 million. After it regained its independence in 1991, it opted for free trade, flat taxes, fiscal and monetary restraint and stable exchange rates. Its economy grew fast, and Estonia sought close ties with its […]

Tackling the crisis head-on is a post from: TheBizSense Views & Forecasting

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Outfoxing the Greeks

Outfoxing the Greeks

Eurozone and Greece

Eurozone and Greece

There are times when it pays to be hard-assed, get good legal advice – and never trust any government’s promises.

When Eurozone governments restructured Greece’s government debt a few months ago, they tried to force all private-sector investors to accept a big “haircut,” or loss of interest and capital, by exchanging their original bonds for new paper worth much less. [Read more…]

Time Running Out To Solve Energy Crisis

Fuel Poverty levels could cover 50 per cent of the population within five years and 75 per cent within a decade if a properly co-ordinated energy policy is not developed, Architect and television presenter Duncan Stewart told the Energy Action conference in Dublin Castle. He also questioned if the €400 million spent each year of […]

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