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Europe’s Bureaucrats Go Nuts

European Bureaucracy

New European rules that have just come into operation require providers of a range of investment and insurance-based products to provide information so retail investors can understand and compare their key features, risks, rewards and costs. [Read more…]

WEF to be used to promote investment

Pretoria – President Jacob Zuma will use the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, as a platform to call for the world’s top economies and business to invest in South Africa’s and Africa’s infrastructural projects for the long term economic growth of the continent. Zuma left South Africa last night to travel to that […]

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UK Sport announces investment

UK Sport today announced an overall increase in investment into Olympic and Paralympic sports from the London cycle. A record investment of £347 million will be invested across 42 sports to support Britain’s summer Olympic and Paralympic athletes’ preparations for Rio 2016 and beyond, thanks to support from Government and The National Lottery. UK Athletics […]

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Conker Gets Investment

Startup, Conker, was chosen as the winner of NDRC’s (National Digital Research Centre) Lift Off Competition today (Thursday) and receives access to a €40,000 investment fund to enable it to accelerate its growth. Conker went head-to-head with 14 other promising startups in a pitching competition which was held in front of an audience of investors […]

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Longchamp Expandable Travel Tote – Le Pliage – Black Best Prices
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Investment theory

New research by two American experts has demolished the key belief of efficient market theory, which several generations of students were taught as the foundation of their investment skills, that high reward is the consequence of accepting greater risk. Their study of 21 developed and 12 emerging markets that lower-risk low-volatility stocks consistently delivered market-beating […]

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HR Start-Up Secures Investment

Careergro, a human resources start-up company headquartered at NovaUCD, today announced that it has secured an investment of €300,000 from private investors and Enterprise Ireland. Careergro intends to use the funding to support its business expansion activities and expects to hire an additional 15 people over the next 3 years. Careergro has also announced the […]

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Investment Traps for Expats to Avoid

Those working/living abroad are a promising target for promoters of packaged investments. They usually have large savings to invest, lack the expertise and information flow to invest wisely, and need good advice on tax planning for their home countries… yet they’re far from their usual sources of personal advice. Unfortunately they easily become victims of […]

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