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Europe’s Bureaucrats Go Nuts

European Bureaucracy

New European rules that have just come into operation require providers of a range of investment and insurance-based products to provide information so retail investors can understand and compare their key features, risks, rewards and costs. [Read more…]

Eurocrats a Deadly Enemy

euro flags

Over-regulation is the enemy of economic growth, and in the European Union, where power rests with unelected Eurocrats, it is the most deadly enemy, Robin Mitchinson writes in his blog*. [Read more…]

Natural Gas Boom in Europe


“A new golden age is just arriving” for independent suppliers to Europe such as the Norwegian giant Statoil, Deutsche Bank argues in a new report. [Read more…]

Rewards of austerity


Rewards of austerity: As a consequence of economic contraction and falling imports in the troubled Eurozone countries, their foreign trade deficits are falling.

In the third quarter the five known as the PIIGS together recorded the first surplus since 1999.

The improving trade balance of the Eurozone as a whole explains the recent strength of the euro in terms of other major currencies.

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