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Fiskars Scissors Celebrate 45th Anniversary

Fiskars Orange Scissors

Fiskars Orange Scissors

It’s likely that scissors were first used around 1500 BC in ancient Egypt with a middle age makeover by Leonardo Da Vinci. However, it was in 1967 that the clever team at Fiskars invented the world’s first plastic handled scissors. Fiskars orange-handled scissors have since become a design classic and 45 years later, over 1 billion pairs have been sold worldwide.

Like many successful brands there was an element of chance in the concept stage. Dye from a previous job had been left in a machine and despite never considering orange, they stuck with it and have never looked back. It certainly wasn’t down to chance that the scissors became an instant success. Fiskars new manufacturing technique made it possible for scissors to be affordable to the masses. Before this, they were an expensive, luxury item. Never before had scissors been so easy to use, so functional and long-lasting.

Youngsters growing up in the 1970s will remember Fiskars dressmaking scissors in the home. The warning from mum of “don’t let me catch you using those for cutting paper” will strike a chord with many.

These new scissors were completely different from previous models. The design was more appealing and guaranteed a precise cut, and their new blades were exceptionally durable and strong. Through the years the scissors have been modernized many times: they have become more ergonomic and the manufacturing technique has been further developed. Fiskars’ internationally renowned chief designer Olavi Lindén has designed today’s range of scissors.

The orange-handled scissors are nowadays one of Fiskars’ best known products both in Finland and internationally. The range has widened to include kitchen scissors, manicure scissors, needlework scissors as well as Fiskars most popular General Purpose Scissors.

Fiskars products have been produced since 1649 – ever since the company was founded in the small village of Fiskars in Southern Finland. And Fiskars is still known for continuous innovation and quality.

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