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UPM develops new composite

UPM develops new composite replacing non-renewable

UPM develops new composite replacing non-renewable

Based on UPM’s own research and business development, company has launched a brand new composite material where wood fibers replace non-renewable raw material. Thanks to the renewable raw material, product have low carbon footprint.

The new material is made from wood fibres and clean plastic polymers. The proportion of wood fibres in the composite varies from 20 to 60 percent depending on the end-use. It can be dyed and moulded just like plastic which allows it to be used for various purposes.

“UPM’s new composite suits perfectly to for example furniture, table ware and other goods for everyday living. It is also a good material for electronic and automobile industry. The possibilities are very wide, almost wide as in conventional plastics,” says Sales Manager Antti Kämäräinen in his UPM Viewpoint blog posting.

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