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Malmo GAA Champions

Malmo GAA - European Shield Champions

Malmo GAA – European Shield Champions

On Saturday November 10th, Malmo GAA were crowned European Shield Champions!

Many thought it was a foregone conclusion, the tournament program had it already in print, “2012 European Shield Champions – Malmo” before we had even kicked a ball.

Flattering as that may have been, our boys were under no illusion that the other 15 teams attending the same competition were there to give it their all in the Shield.

Malmo entered the final round on 45 points, 16 points ahead of nearest rivals Paris and 20 ahead of Zurich/St Gallen A.

Yes we had worked out the combinations……but instead just aimed for nothing less that winning the round as we always do.

Placed in the same group as a Paris/Lyon B team, Toulouse and Zurich St Gallen B, Malmo cleared all the hurdles of the group games with 3 victories out of 3.

Hosts Maastricht awaited us in the 1/4 final. Victory soon followed and for certainty we knew the Shield was ours.

An impressive Zurich/St Gallen “A” side outdid us again in the semi-final but that did nothing in the end to dampen our spirits.

On the other side of the draw, the impressive Paris/Lyon outfit made the final but only after and extra-time semi-final win over the fantastic all-French side Liffré.

Malmo & Liffé finished joint 3rd on the day. Zurich continued to impress with a second tournament win under the stewardship of ECB PRO Brian Clerkin.

A fantastic days football and wonderful to hear the multi-lingual influence in the game.

Malmo GAA celebrate

Malmo GAA celebrate

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