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Stockholm Voted As A Top City

Stockholm City

Stockholm City

Stockholm Voted As A ‘Top 10 City For 2012’
The cosmopolitan city of Stockholm has recently been given praise by Lonely Planet. After globe-trotting research, Lonely Planet has come to a decision on its favourite cities for 2012. The top ten list features countries that Lonely Planet say are “poised for greatness in 2012”.

Stockholm, according to Lonely Planet, “looks as perfect as it’s ever been”. After a visit to this capital city, you will be left in no doubt as to why it has been given this compliment. Proudly facing the Baltic Sea and spread across fourteen islands, the largest of Scandinavia’s capitals combines beauty with sights and shopping to rival any of the most elegant cities in Europe.

For a capital city it’s unusually green and environmentally sound. It has managed to avoid the congestion and pollution that plague larger cities – so much so that you can fish from, and swim in, the waters surrounding the city centre.

Stockholm is also a shoppers dream as its shops are filled with the latest in functional, minimalist Swedish design and there are enough boutiques boasting hip New York brands and cool Swedish labels to indulge any obsession with style. It’s also the city where Swedish global exports H&M and IKEA have their flagship stores.

Fancy a swim in the middle of the city? Then a visit to Centralbadet is a must. Located in central Stockholm and decorated in art deco style, it features jacuzzis, saunas and pools. While there, you can also avail of luxury spa treatments.

For the more cultured tourist, Stockholm offers a wealth of museums and history to enjoy. Or for those looking for something a little different then a visit to Stockholm’s ‘Ice Bar’ is recommended-just be sure to wrap up warm!

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