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Mini goes to Frankfurt Motor Show

With seven models and up to eight engine variants, a uniquely diverse range of paint finishes, interior designs and options and a constantly growing program of accessories, the British brand MINI sets the benchmark for individualised driving pleasure more than ever before. The original within the premium segment of small cars has now established itself […]

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Aberdeen Student Show Preparations

After 91 years Aberdeen Student Show is still going strong and is as popular as ever with its local humour and talented cast of students. The cast of this year’s show, “Mary Torphins”, would like to thank everyone that supported them and helped them achieve such great success in raising a staggering £58,000 for the […]
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Nathan Bowen Solo Show

Premiere Art’s Nathan Bowen will be hosting his first solo show Nathan Bowen and Friends at the Curious Duke Gallery from the 16th August. Nathan Bowen has been known for his kinetic graffiti style and his ability to create animated characters with a mischievous and boisterous personality.  Nathan is most well-known for his industrious daring… Read More

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New Recruitment Fair At Tnt Travel Show


TNT Show

TNT Show

As jobless figures soar to an all-time high in the UK, The TNT Travel Show sponsored by Flight Centre is bucking the gloomy economic trend by launching a dedicated Recruitment Fair at its March show. [Read more…]

Plymouth British Art Show 7

Plymouth British Art Show 7 Exhibition

Plymouth British Art Show 7 Exhibition

The British Art Show 7 exhibition includes paintings, drawings, sculpture, installations, video, film and performances from 39 artists and is a great opportunity to view work by both established artists and rising stars of the art world. Christian Marclay and Haroon Mirza recently won the Golden Lion and Silver Lion Awards at the 54th Venice Biennale, while George Shaw and Karla Black have been nominated for this year’s Turner Prize.  The event employs a motif of the comet to explore and draw together a set of concerns that thread their way through the practices of the selected artists. [Read more…]