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Introducing the Support Our Schools Scheme


Greater London Properties are delighted to introduce our 2021 Community Initiative #glpsos, Support Our Schools. We are hoping this scheme will enrich the lives of children in school and in our communities. For every parent, alumni, grandparent or member of the local community who sells their home through GLP and nominates a school – we will give 10% of the sales fee directly to that school.

Introducing the Support Our Schools Scheme

Our hope is that this initiative will help pay for new equipment, books, school trips – anything the school may need to help enrich the lives of their pupils and teachers. It could be a school in London else perhaps in your home-town across the UK, you tell us the school, we will commit to supporting it.

As owners of Greater London Properties with all three children in London state schools we have witnessed first-hand the difficulties that the pandemic has had on the welfare and education of children, teachers and the considerable strains schools have been placed under. With two shop fronts based centrally in the capital, 20 years of experience and over 400 ‘excellent’ reviews on Trust pilot, we are perfectly positioned to help sell homes whilst giving back to our communities.

If you are keen to help promote this initiative in your school or neighbourhood, please email and tell us how many leaflets you would like and we will post these out to you. These can go in school bags, or in and around community areas. We hope this initiative is a huge success and we are able to raise awareness of how much extra funding our schools currently need.