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Irish Stock Exchange Publishes Review of 2014

The Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) has today published its review of 2014, during which the ISE consolidated its position as a leading global centre for debt and funds listings and three new IPOs raised a combined total of €484 million for companies listing on the ISE. Chief Executive Deirdre Somers said 2014 was another strong […]
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Retirement Savers to Consider Property Investing

Pension Regulation Changes Cause a Third of Retirement Savers to Consider Investing in Buy-to-Let Property New analysis by Direct Line for Business (DL4B), the small business insurer, reveals that a third (32 per cent) of people aged 45 – 64 with a pension would consider using some or all of their pension pot to fund […]

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Jobs in Small Businesses Predicted

The Local Enterprise Office in Fingal has predicted that 75 new jobs will be created by award-winning small businesses in the region. The announcement was made during Fingal Enterprise Week, as finalists in the Fingal Enterprise Awards and the inaugural “Best Young Entrepreneur” competition received awards for enterprise in Malahide this week. In total, seventeen […]
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Eurocrats a Deadly Enemy

euro flags

Over-regulation is the enemy of economic growth, and in the European Union, where power rests with unelected Eurocrats, it is the most deadly enemy, Robin Mitchinson writes in his blog*. [Read more…]

Bond Yields Fall to a 500-Year Low

Jeffrey Gundlach, the American fund manager who correctly forecast the surge in bond prices this year, contrary to the overwhelming majority of the experts who got it wrong, remains fundamentally pessimistic about economic growth in the US. He predicts that quantitative easing, the easy-money policy that the Fed is now running down, could well be […]
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German government bonds decline

Over 2014 there has been a steady decline in the yield on German government bonds. As a result bunds have outperformed other developed markets. This outperformance could have been driven by two factors: The rising liquidity premium – the premium investors are willing to pay to hold the sovereign bond (in terms of lower yields) […]

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Euro Finance

Euro: Its strength relative to other currencies is “crazy,” says Fabrice Brégier, chief executive of Airbus’s passenger jet business. Europe cannot be “the only economic zone of the world that doesn’t consider its currency… as a key asset to promote its economy.” The European Central Bank should intervene to drive down the euro’s exchange rate […]
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Tough Times Ahead say Business School

With London Business School experts saying don’t expect returns of more than 3 or 4 per cent a year from equities over the next decade, and negative returns from bonds, savers should keep about half their capital in cash or near-cash securities, says Money Management adviser Russell Taylor. He warns: “Banks are bigger, less profitable […]

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Gold Starts to Recover Its Traditional Role

Gold is making a comeback as money, despite a century of near-universal negativism about its future as a key element in global finance. Recently “its popularity as a medium of exchange for international transactions has been soaring,” reports the FT’s John Dizard, with large volumes of both “reported and unreported” trading in the physical metal. […]

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Britain Opts for a Bubble Play

The UK government has “lost patience” with austerity, and with a general election two years away, has abandoned it in favour of a new bout of debt creation, “tempting consumers to leverage their balance sheets into a new housing bubble,” suggests Trevor Greetham of Fidelity Worldwide Investment. In the UK and other countries that gave […]

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