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2012 Vehicle Crime Review

Seized By Police

Seized By Police – the UK’s No.1 vehicle provenance website – has saved millions of people from making an expensive used car mistake. As part of its mission to protect UK consumers it works closely with the police, the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (AVCIS) and the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI).

Roger Powell, Divisional Head at CDL Vehicle Information Services Ltd (which owns, commented: “Our business is all about providing up-to-date information to help secondhand car buyers make the right choices. We hold up to 60 fields of data per vehicle, including whether it has ever been scrapped, stolen, clocked or has any money owing on it. At the IAATI conference in May it was asserted that vehicle crime is the biggest enabler to other criminal activity in the UK. It is regarded as easy money. This means that, unfortunately, the problems highlighted below are likely to be just as prevalent in 2013.”

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