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Freedom to Build More Affordable Homes

mayor sadiq kahn - Affordable Homes

Government urged to give City Hall and London councils the resources and freedom to build more homes

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Mayor Backs Menswear Sector

British Menswear

British Menswear

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson is launching a new campaign to promote the booming British menswear industry, which brings £10 billion to the UK’s economy and is growing at such a rate that it is predicted to overtake womenswear sales by 2016. [Read more…]

London To Host Winter Pride UK

Winter Pride UK 2014

Britain has come along way since the first gay marches in the 1970s, with Parliament recently approving legislation to introduce same-sex marriage and now the Winter Pride UK planned for London. [Read more…]

Khalique Wins SBID Award

Fameed Khalique

Fameed Khalique (UK) picked up the Product Award in the Residential Sector of the prestigious SBID International Design Awards 2013. [Read more…]

Bastille Make Glastonbury History


London band Bastille were blown away by the number of people that turned out to see them play at Glastonbury. Officials confirmed that it was the largest crowd they had ever seen at the John Peel stage. [Read more…]

Launch of JustEnded Introductions site

Anyone who is newly separated, or bereaved from a long term partner is naturally going to feel a whole range of emotions, from a huge sadness and desolation, to lack of confidence and feeling as though life will never be the same or even better again. [Read more…]

2012 Vehicle Crime Review

Seized By Police

Seized By Police – the UK’s No.1 vehicle provenance website – has saved millions of people from making an expensive used car mistake. As part of its mission to protect UK consumers it works closely with the police, the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (AVCIS) and the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI).

Roger Powell, Divisional Head at CDL Vehicle Information Services Ltd (which owns, commented: “Our business is all about providing up-to-date information to help secondhand car buyers make the right choices. We hold up to 60 fields of data per vehicle, including whether it has ever been scrapped, stolen, clocked or has any money owing on it. At the IAATI conference in May it was asserted that vehicle crime is the biggest enabler to other criminal activity in the UK. It is regarded as easy money. This means that, unfortunately, the problems highlighted below are likely to be just as prevalent in 2013.”

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UK snubs tribal rights

Samburu Tribe

The UK has dismayed tribal and indigenous peoples as well as activists around the world by refusing to ratify a key international law, which protects their basic human rights by involving them in consultations over ‘development’ projects on their land. [Read more…]

Debt Could Simply Vanish


Much of that Debt Could Simply Vanish

Instead of selling its huge holdings of UK government bonds bought to finance fiscal deficits, which would push up interest rates and hamper economic recovery, the Bank of England could just “retire the debt” (cancel the bonds and write off the losses), suggests fund manager Jim Leaviss. [Read more…]

UK Roofs A Ticking Bomb

UK Roofs a Ticking Bomb

Despite being ravaged by recent high winds and inclement weather, 86 per cent of UK homeowners neglect to periodically inspect their roofs for damage, according to a new survey conducted by consumer advice website [Read more…]