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Quince cycles to Gold

Ottilie Quince

Ottilie Quince

Great Britain dominated the World Transplant Games cycling time trials in Durban claiming thirteen medals in the various age categories. Overall winner for the men’s race was Erlend Gjerde from the Norway and Ottilie Quince from Great Britain and Northern Ireland. [Read more…]

Holiday Fear For Brits, Getting ill

Sick Abroad

More than 2,000 British holidaymakers have confirmed that their top fear when travelling abroad is ‘getting ill and ending up in a foreign hospital’, according to new, independent research from on-call telephone interpreter service, i-interpret4u. These findings are also reflective of recent headlines which revealed that hospitals in Spain are more concerned with money than medicine as UK taxpayers who have the misfortune to need emergency treatment while abroad are being ripped off or indeed, turned away if they don’t have adequate travel insurance. [Read more…]