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Stamford Voted Best Place to Live in 2021

John Betjeman called it ‘England’s most attractive town’ in 1936, and Stamford’s enduring appeal has continued since it became the UK’s first Conservation Area over half a century ago. The south Lincolnshire town is well-placed between London and York on the Great North Road (now better known as the A1), which made it an historically important location for the wool trade. Much of the town centre is built out of local limestone, lending a brightness to the buildings that lifts the town’s aesthetic, even in bleak mid-winter. [Read more…]

Italian Alfresco Lifestyle In Garden

With our great offers on stylish designer outdoor dining sets from Emu of Italy, you can recreate that wonderful ambience reminiscent of spending a relaxing evening with friends in the grounds of a beautiful Tuscan villa. With a global reputation for superb quality and innovation within the hotel and restaurant industry, Emu have been making […]

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