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Launch of JustEnded Introductions site

Anyone who is newly separated, or bereaved from a long term partner is naturally going to feel a whole range of emotions, from a huge sadness and desolation, to lack of confidence and feeling as though life will never be the same or even better again.

Men in particular often feel they can’t talk about their feelings to anyone. The need to keep a “stiff upper lip” results in them bottling up their emotions.

Women often find themselves juggling, children, jobs and life in general and although find it easier to express themselves to their family and friends don’t necessarily want to burden them.  Friends quite often don’t know what to say and sometimes even practice avoidance, which can result in a feeling of extreme loneliness and isolation.

Just Ended” is a new site designed specifically for individuals who could benefit from connecting with others in exactly the same situation.  They aim to enable men and women to access others who are experiencing the roller coaster of emotions that you are feeling and communicate your feelings with other people in confidence.

This is not a dating site, as quite often you need to get your confidence back through meeting and talking to others in a pressure free environment, before you can even think about meeting a new partner.  However never say never….  Sometimes it’s easier to meet new friends when there is no pressure or expectations..

The journey to your new and exciting future starts here!


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